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Printing and Saving Information

How do I print out results?

For best results, please click the "Print" button found on the aircraft page you are viewing instead of using the "File/Print" menu.  This will generate an Adobe PDF file in a new window that can be saved or printed, containing all of the applicable information from the page as well as any optional items you have added to the valuation sheet.  Saving the PDF provides the ability to store the file or send it via email, but please note that it is not editable. 

Internet browser options for printing may vary. For best results, consult your browser documentation.

How do I save results?

There are two methods that can be used to save an aircraft appraisal. The first method is by clicking the “Print Appraisal” button which will generate a PDF file that can be opened or saved. Keep in mind that the PDF file produced is not editable and thus all adjustments should be made prior to using the “Print Appraisal” feature.

An alternative save may be performed by clicking either the “Add to My Fleet” or “Save Valuation” button, which can be done at any point in the appraisal process. A new page will open with all adjustments and options previously selected. To finish saving, the unique ID field must be completed and then click the “save button” at the bottom of the page. 

How do I retrieve saved appraisals?

To retrieve a saved appraisal for printing or making changes, use the "My Inventory" or "Saved Appraisals" link located in the blue banner or from the My ABB page.  Locate the Unique Id of the desired aircraft and click the link to retrieve the appraisal.  If any changes are made to the appraisal that need to be saved, remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.