Aircraft Bluebook CD-ROM

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Aircraft Bluebook is the premier resource for general aviation aircraft values. Updated quarterly, each CD-ROM includes more than 3,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft.

CD-ROM Includes Values for:

  • Avionics - aircraft equipment from the basic to the highly complex
  • Engine maintenance programs
  • New paint and interiors
  • Conversion programs and modification parts

Includes four consecutive, quarterly produced CD-ROMs. Subscribers will receive the current CD-ROM shortly after placing an order, followed by the three subsequent releases as they are produced for the remainder of the one-year period. Includes subscription to the quarterly Marketline Newsletter with in-depth articles and insightful analysis of the aircraft market.

Get the CD-ROM annual subscription packaged with the Aircraft Bluebook print edition. Includes four quarterly editions of both items for a one-year period.

Aircraft Bluebook CD-ROM is produced quarterly. Updated CD-ROMs are released the first week of March, June, September, and December.

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Pricing outside the US: Annual Subscription - $419.95 | Combo Subscription - $649.95 | Single Edition - $189.95
To order Aircraft Bluebook outside of the US, please call 1.913.967.1719 or email:

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